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Murder on Mustique by Anne Glenconner – Review

Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Published: December 2020
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Pages: 327
My Rating: 🦋🦋🦋🦋.5/5

“If circumstances go against you, keep your head up and smile.”

Anne Glenconner, Murder on Mustique

Mustique is a beautiful and peaceful private Island. Where the rich and famous go to spend their summers. There is no crime and everyone knows each other. But on the morning of Friday 13th September 2002, when 23 year old heiress Amanda Fortini goes missing, everything changes. Amanda’s friend Lily calls her godmother, Lady Veronica Blake. Her husband bought the island years ago and she knows it better than anyone else. With a storm approaching, DS Solomon Nile has to step in and do whatever it takes to catch the criminal before the Island is hit. Even if it means putting himself in harms way. He teams up with Lady Vee to try and find bring the culprit to justice. Along the way realizing that people they have known all their lives, may not be as innocent as they seem. Secrets are uncovered and true colours are revealed in this gripping thriller.

This was such an intriguing read. Chapters are short, fast-paced and the story has such an easy flow. The chapters alternate between Lady Vee and DS Nile’s POVs. I wouldn’t say that they end on cliffhangers, but they definitely make it difficult to put the book down.

Mustique is not portrayed like a typical gloomy town as with a lot of thrillers. It is described as beautiful Island with blue ocean water and stunning sunsets which makes you want to be on the island except for the fact that there is a potential killer on the loose. I found myself growing very attached to Lady Vee and Detective Nile and how you get to know them as the book progresses.

Even though Vee is very wealthy with staff who waits on her hand and foot, she is known and loved on the island. She is a genuine character, who is kind-hearted and cares for her friends and loved ones. She was the Lady in Waiting for Princess Margaret for many years before she died. Something I did not know before I started reading this book is that the character of Lady Vee is loosely based on the author herself, who was in actual fact the Lady in Waiting for the real Princess Margaret and has spent many years on the actual Island of Mustique.

I loved the fact that Lily, Vee’s goddaughter, is so passionate about the ocean and is trying to restore the bleached coral. Even though this is not only what the book is about, it does create some awareness about what is actually happening in our oceans at present. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and it is high on my list of recommendations.

Disclaimer: I was sent this free copy for review by Jonathan Ball Publishers. This does not influence my review or rating in any way. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

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