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The Whisper Man by Alex North – Review

Genre: Thriller/Mystery
Published: June 2019
Publisher: Michael Joseph
Pages: 389
My Rating: 🦋🦋🦋🦋.5/5

“If you leave a door half open, soon you’ll hear the whispers spoken.

If your window’s left unlatched, you’ll hear him tapping at the glass.

If you’re lonely, sad, and blue, the Whisper Man will come for you.”


Twenty years ago, five boys were abducted and brutally murdered by serial killer Frank Carter, also known as The Whisper Man. Why is he the whisper man you ask?
Because it is said that he would lure his victims by whispering their names.
Fast forward to present day. The Whisper man has been caught and is in jail.
The story then follows the story of widower Tom Kennedy and his son Jake as they move to the town of Featherbank for a fresh start.
Soon after moving, another little boy goes missing and Tom notices that Jake begins acting more strange than usual. He says he hear whispering at his window….

“Courage is not the absence of fear, Pete knew. Courage requires fear.”

Alex North, The Whisper Man

I have seen quite a lot of good reviews on this book and I have to agree with them 😊
I must say that this book is different to a lot of the thrillers I have read.
I enjoyed the short chapters with each one ending on a cliffhanger that will leave you wanting more.

On certain days of the week I have a two hour lunch break and was so excited to get back to my book that I spent my whole lunch break reading.
It is told from different perspectives and switches between the telling of Detectives Pete Willis and Amanda Beck’s story and the first person narrative of Tom Kennedy. The chapters jump between the different characters, not following on from each other, creating the feeling of suspense. There is also a lot of focus on father and son relationships. Both the joy and the struggles of fatherhood is portrayed in this novel. I felt more drawn to the chapters with Tom and Jake initially. Although at the end as the story came together, it didn’t matter as much.

I never get creeped out by books, but this was the first one that made me put it down after a chapter or two just to take in what I was reading. I would highly recommend this book, especially if you enjoy crime thrillers.

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