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House Of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland – Review

Genre: YA Thriller
Published: April 2021
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Pages: 296
My Rating:

My sisters. My blood. My skin. What a gruesome bond we shared.”

When I picked up this book (even though it had been described as folk horror) I didn’t think it would be too bad, but reading this alone at night sure did give me the creeps.

The descriptions are so detailed that you will thank your lucky stars that there are no visuals because you can just imagine how scary they would be. There are paranormal elements with a ton of suspense.

I’d realized there were scarier things in the world than the monsters that lived in my nightmares.

The story is told by Iris Hollow, the youngest sister of the three, as her and middle sister Vivi try and find the eldest sister Grey after she goes missing. This is not the first time this has happened. When they were younger, all three sisters went missing and were found a month later. After their return, things were never the same and strange occurrences often took place when they were around.

Iris is still at school and is the only one who lives at home with her mom after her sisters moved out and her mom is very overprotective. Which is understandable after what happened to them so many years ago.

Having a close relationship with my own sister, I could relate to their strong sibling bond. 

This was a nice quick read. At first things happen and you’re not exactly sure where the story is going and how they fit in, but soon everything is revealed. This haunting novel will have you feeling uneasy the right up until the end. There are a few twists throughout the story and you never know in which direction things are heading.

As a thriller lover, who doesn’t read much horror I felt this had the perfect amount of eeriness to it without me having to worry about having nightmares.

Disclaimer: I was sent this free copy for review by Jonathan Ball Publishers. This does not influence my review or rating in any way. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

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